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Our Farmers

When Passion, Tradition & Innovation Meet

We partner with farmers who share our core values – a commitment to creating the highest quality products without compromising the traditions that they were founded on. They are generations old companies, family owned and operated, possessing a deeply ingrained knowledge of their land and its terroir. They plant, grow, and nurture their groves, tending to their trees with great care and affection. Like Dr. Calcedonio Calcara, owner of Sciauro di Sicilia, who pampers each of his trees like they are his children, from the young, thin seedlings, to the ancient ones, with large foliage and twisted trunks.

Our farmers join traditional best practices in production with modern techniques. Harvests are done primarily by hand, with the help of state-of-the art technologies for efficiency, so we can deliver the oils to you at peak freshness. We value transparency and always share the harvest and production process with our customers, including challenges and successes. Thanks to the passion, commitment, and endless hard work of our farmers, many of oils are organic, DOP certified, and award winning.

To think of Oilalà , one envisions “the sea, the wind, and the scent of the land, nothing artificial, no chemicals, only respect for the territory where we live". Tradition, attention to detail and the use of the most modern production techniques are fundamental to this company.
La Selvotta

Founded in 1964 by Nicola Sputore, father of Giovanni and Elio, its current owners, the La Selvotta farm covers an area of about 75 acres in Vasto, in the region of Abruzzo, near the Adriatic Sea.