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Curating the Best of Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Each award winning, small batch extra virgin olive oil in our collection has been lovingly harvested by small farmers dedicated to producing the highest quality oils, with the highest amounts of polyphenols and certifications. Sourced from different regions in Italy, each with its unique terroir and history, each oil is imbued with the best attributes of its unique birth place.

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Gourmet Shop

Peruse our specially curated pantry and discover a well rounded selection of natural and organic gourmet products, including organic jarred tomatoes, biodynamic vinegar, hemp flour products, raw unpasteurized honeys, and more. Each product has been hand selected and meets our strict standards for quality, traceability and sustainability.

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Our Farmers

We partner with farmers who share our core values – a commitment to creating the highest quality products without compromising the traditions that they were founded on. They are generations old companies, family owned and operated, possessing a deeply ingrained knowledge of their land and its terroir. They plant, grow, and nurture their groves, tending to their trees with great care and affection. Like Dr. Calcedonio Calcara, owner of Sciauro di Sicilia, who pampers each of his trees like they are his children, from the young, thin seedlings, to the ancient ones, with large foliage and twisted trunks.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything! Great packaging and very informative brochure with the monthly subscription."

Janis T.
"I gave my foodie sister a pantry glow-up as a housewarming present by sending her various products from the gourmet shop. She was impressed!"

Marco L.
"Love receiving my monthly subscription box. It's both fun and practical. My kids love to help me unbox it and read the brochure and we often make the recommended recipe together too."

Sabrina R.

Our Story Began In Italy & Continues In New York

Each of our products has a special story – where it originated, the production process, and its flavor profile – which we share with full transparency. We love foraging new and interesting products and we hand select every olive oil, passata, vinegar, pasta and honey after touring the small family farms on which they’re produced.

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